My teaching program is built on the connection of dual objectives. My objectives are to (1) help students become critical, confident thinkers, and (2) prepare students for careers in technologically-advanced firms. These objectives apply both in the classroom and in the laboratory, where I mentor graduate and undergraduate students in their own research development. Below is a list of courses I have taught, as well as theses I have mentored.

Courses Taught

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Business Communications (GBA 300): Fall, 2017
Leadership Communications (MGT 422): Fall, 2017

University of Central Florida

Cognitive Psychology (EXP 3604): Spring, 2016 [syllabus]
History & Systems of Psychology (PSY 4604): Fall, 2015 [syllabus]

Honors Theses Mentored

Plazas, A.P. (2013). Exploring tacit knowledge in organizations. Honors Thesis. Department of Psychology, University of Central Florida: Orlando, FL.